Not I Said the American Sheep!

Condensed history for the “American Empire”, USA/DC and it’s sheep. Any religion, “government”, document, ideology, the person turning to it will find the justification for what it is they are wanting to do. Whatever that may be. Take the Bible. As a student of history, I am aware the “Bible”, was not a “bible”, before […]

The red Ruskie Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian Mafia Member KGB Putinister & the Looming Implosion of the US Shale Oil Scam

My post on a propaganda article which was jockeying to give the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian Mafia member the Putinister the credit for killing the USA shale industry when the illusion of a sustainable USA shale industry is popped by economic realities of sky rocketing interest rates. If loans are available. “Of […]