Israhell, (Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarian invaders of Palestine) uproot 400 olive trees in Bethlehem so the red Russian Invaders Can Steal The Semitic Indigenous Palestinian’s Ancestral Land

Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarian invaders destroy hundreds of centuries old olive trees so red Russian invaders can steal the land

Israeli occupation forces yesterday uprooted 400 olive trees in the farms of Wadi Fukin village, west of occupied Bethlehem, Quds Press reported.

Local Palestinian sources reported that the targeted farm belongs to Palestinian farmer Mohamed Al-Harroub.

According to the sources, 800 olive trees and grape vines have been uprooted by settlers over the past two weeks in the farms of Al-Khader neighbourhood, south of Bethlehem.

Wadi Fukin is a Palestinian village located ten kilometres west of Bethlehem. It is surrounded by five illegal Israeli settlements.

Israel has expropriated 8,300 dunams (8.3 square kilometres) of its lands since 1967, including 700 dunams (1.7 acres) for the illegal settlement of Bitar Elite.


Israel forces uproot 400 olive trees in Bethlehem

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