Indigenous Semitic Palestinians Kidnapped by red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Invaders, Held Illegally as Prisoners With No Hope, denied timely treatment dying in custody

Palestinain Authority prime minister Mohammad Shtayyeh prays during a protest in November in Ramallah after the death of Sami Abu Diyak in Israeli custody. Prime Minister’s office APA images

Amna Abu Diyak still finds it almost impossible to talk about her son’s death.

“I felt like I was going to collapse when I heard the news,” the 55-year-old told The Electronic Intifada in a phone interview. “I still can’t believe everything that happened. I feel so sorry for my son. He went into prison when he was still a child. And then he was forced to die there.”

Aged 36, Sami Abu Diyak, died in Israeli custody late last year. He had been imprisoned since he was 17.

Amna visited her son a few days before he succumbed to illness on 26 November. On that occasion, prison officers had to bring Sami in a wheelchair for a visit at the Ramle prison.

“He was in such a bad state. He was hardly conscious. I had to keep trying to wake him. It was like he was already dead,” Amna said.

The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has adopted a “policy of deliberate medical neglect against prisoners and detainees,” since Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip in 1967, Ehteram Ghazawneh of Addameer, a Palestinian prisoner rights group, said.

According to Ghazawneh, 222 Palestinian prisoners have died in Israeli custody since 1967, 67 of whom died owing to medical negligence. Five Palestinians died in Israeli custody in 2019.

Ramleh “not a hospital, it’s a grave”


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