General George Washington, Father of the Country Files For Divorce From USA/DC, and Further Seeks a Restraining Order for USA/DC to Cease & Desist from Whoring Out the Washington Name

I received another wee hours of the night visit from cousin George. George has asked me to formally publish his grievances and disunion with the USA/DC Corporation, as well as a Legal Notification / Demand said War Criminal sub Corporation of the Evil of the Rat Run British Empire he fought against so hard, Cease […]

Indigenous Semitic Palestinians Kidnapped by red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Invaders, Held Illegally as Prisoners With No Hope, denied timely treatment dying in custody

Amna Abu Diyak still finds it almost impossible to talk about her son’s death. “I felt like I was going to collapse when I heard the news,” the 55-year-old told The Electronic Intifada in a phone interview. “I still can’t believe everything that happened. I feel so sorry for my son. He went into prison […]

Israhell, (Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarian invaders of Palestine) uproot 400 olive trees in Bethlehem so the red Russian Invaders Can Steal The Semitic Indigenous Palestinian’s Ancestral Land

Israeli occupation forces yesterday uprooted 400 olive trees in the farms of Wadi Fukin village, west of occupied Bethlehem, Quds Press reported. Local Palestinian sources reported that the targeted farm belongs to Palestinian farmer Mohamed Al-Harroub. According to the sources, 800 olive trees and grape vines have been uprooted by settlers over the past two […]

The red Russian Non Semitic Expats & spawn thereof Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Mafia Occuping Palestine, Genociding the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians, Doesn’t Have Snipers on the Gaza Border. It Has Hunters

‘RUN CHILDREN RUN! The red Russian Turkmen mongrel khazarian outcast took aim with his gun- As the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian mother Screamed, RUN children, RUN!- The Pedophile Usury Buck toothed one- Swore the slaughter had just begun- The child lie there, bloody, still and pale- Never to grow up, grandchildren tales to tell, The grieving, […]

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America – The Khazarian Mafia Takes Complete Control of the United States of America

If belonging to a religion makes one a “race”, I must be of the Baptist Race, as I was raised Baptist. Although I have reverted back to my Viking “paganism” from yesteryear, so I magically went from belonging to the Baptist Race, to the Pagan Race. See how stupid it is trying to cobble a […]