The red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Mafia Crime Cabal Made Up of Sick Scum Sucking Pedoist Psychopaths: Israhell Crime Cabal IDF “snipers” Brag About Murder and Mutilation Of Indigenous Semitic Palestinians for the “Crime” of Being Palestinian in Occupied Palestine

Two days ago (Friday) a piece came out in Haaretz by Ido Glazer, featuring stories from five anonymous snipers who told how they gunned down unarmed protesters at the March of Return near the Gaza perimeter fence. These accounts are a jaw-dropper, constituting some of the most enraging as well as depressing readings I can […]

Karl MARX’s Influence on Abraham LINCOLN

For the past century and more there has been lively discussion—and debate—over Abraham Lincoln, his life, his views, and the legacy of his presidency left to us. Writers as diverse as historian David Donald, black writer Lerone Bennett, and Professor Thomas di Lorenzo (in two significant books), have attempted to dissect Lincoln’s life and the […]

MILITARY INTEL REPORT Proves Government Has Known 5G Radio-frequency Ranges & Microwave Radiation Are Harmful to Human Health

5Ggate Explodes DIA Published a Chilling Report on the Extreme Dangers of Electromagnetic and Microwave Radiation in 1976 State of the Nation What follows is an unclassified report published by the Defense Intelligence Agency under the title: BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (RADIOWAVES AND MICROWAVES) EURASIAN COMMUNIST COUNTRIES (U) This once classified scientific report was […]