Hypocritical zionist Zombie Hand Wringing Over The Red Shield Manufactured “Refugee Crisis”

A red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian, a Rastschild minion occupying Palestine. takes great pleasure in mutilating the body of an Indigenous Semitic Palestinian the invading red Russians have just murdered for the “crime” of being Palestinian in Palestine.

If it were not for the war crimes of the Red Shield, these people would be living peacefully in their own homes, in their. own lands.

The Red Shield, through their lap dog evils like Israhell, UK, France, USA, NATO, lie to make up excuses to bomb these people in their countries and their homes.

Then the same Red Shield, has agents who tell the folks in they can make it to Europe, they have it made for ever more.

The Red Shield funds ships to act as “rescuers”, to ship these people in on a European society they neither understand or want to conform with, knowing this will cause what you see in Europe and America right now.

Except. the Red Shield uses economic war fare on the Southern/Mid American countries to both steal their wealth, create “economic refugees” who are then funneled into the Northern American states, again a society they neither understand or want to conform to.

If the Red Shield clan, were interred at the Black Dolphin in their ancestral homeland of Russia, most all these wars and “refugee crises” would end.

So do you want to treat the symptoms the Red Shield forces on humanity, or the Red Rat Shield zionist Zombie. Virus disease?

The Ole Dog

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