Building # 7, World Trade Center, Announced Live on BBC to have Fallen, while it was Still Standing in the Back Ground Feed

Building # 7 was never hit by a plane.
First responders reported hearing a series of explosions inside the building.
The recording exist, or the transcript at least, of the radio traffic that day saying the decision has been made to “Pull” # 7, get all responders out.

Pull is a term used to for the controlled demolition of na building.

It takes months of planning, weeks of work, to wire a building for controlled demolition.

Therefore 9-11 was planned months in advance, not by goat herders hiding in caves in Afghanistan, or Saudis who could not AFTER pilot training, get a single engine Cessna off the ground, had to climb out, leave it sitting on the run way.

In addition, if # 7 was wired for demolition, then the two towers were also.

Talking a Foreign power teamed up with USA/DC attacking g America at New York, 11 September 2001.

There simply is no other exclamation unless one still believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, young beautiful women marry rich fat ugly old men for love.

In that case, you are a lost cause, just go back to chopping at that GMO, Fluoride infused watered grass with them sheep teeth, while the pedophilic Uncle Sugar. sharpens his Made in Occupied Palestine, Israhell issued butcher knife.

The Ole. Dog!

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