The “USA Confederate” has Pride In His Past

The “USA Confederate” has pride in his past-
As long as the parade down Main Street last-

He makes sure he will not offend anyone before he unfurls the questionable flag-
But over his gray uniform proudly flies the yanks with Southern blood stained rag-

He tells all who will listen, his bumper stickers herald his Confederate Southern Dedication-
On his way to vote in the Occupying USA/DC’s Vichy illusion elections-

He snaps smartly to attention as the star spangled banner is played-
But refrains from humming Dixie in public so no “I am So Offended” claims are made-

Yep, he is a reconstructed, subjugated casterated Southern”man”-
Who kisses the self-righteous ass of the carpetbagger yankee, in his own Occupied Homeland-

The Ole Dog!

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