Kris Kristofferson and the fight for freedom

The young think everything is new, their generation discovered it.
Whatever it is.

As the young turn slowly at first, then at an ever increasing speed, into the old, they educate themselves, they find everything has been thought written down, fought over, before.

Each generation you have your Freedom Fighters.Those who try to educate the sheep to the slaughterhouse at the end of the the easy to trod path.
At the end of the path of damnation of the soul, each soul individually, has been promised the fulfillment of the secret lust hidden the deepest on the dark side of their mind.

The sheep usually help the jackals murder them.

Of course the lust can never be satisfied eternally, not even for this lifetime.
There are rules against the ones who sold their souls for cheap lust and trinkets, getting what they thought was promised them.

The old fart Freedom Fighters are getting fewer and fewer as death escorts them one by one home.

It would not hurt to see some Freedom Fighters emerging from the younger folk in America.

Ones who are willing to sacrifice personal gain to further the enlightenment, bring some freedom to humanity.

The Ole Dog1

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