The American Sheep Cheered the Rape & Slaughter of the Innocent, As The Horsemen Dropped Their Pants

As the Horsemen rode up behind the bloodthirsty sheep, they continued their rants-
The American sheep cheered the Rape & Slaughter of the Innocent, as the Horsemen dropped their pants-

Calling for more and still more bloodshed-
Calling for bombing those goat herders till all were dead-

The horseman ripped off the blood lusting sheep’s stained red white and blue fruit of the looms-
And mounted the bent over sheep with Kharma poles the size of ships booms-

Who would have ever thought the American self-righteous sheep could squeal like violated pigs-
Guess its been a while since they were put in the Horsemen’s rigs-

To be rode hard like a three shekel street whore and put up wet-
So they are shocked out of their zionist Zombie Virus mind set!

The Ole. Dog!

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