The American Sheep Cheered the Rape & Slaughter of the Innocent, As The Horsemen Dropped Their Pants

As the Horsemen rode up behind the bloodthirsty sheep, they continued their rants- The American sheep cheered the Rape & Slaughter of the Innocent, as the Horsemen dropped their pants- Calling for more and still more bloodshed- Calling for bombing those goat herders till all were dead- The horseman ripped off the blood lusting sheep’s […]

‘They hate everything… and we whip up that hatred. Hate is what unites our camp’ – Netanyahu’s aide exposed in leaked recording

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s senior aide Natan Eshel said that “hate is what unites” the right-wing camp led by the Likud party and that negative campaigning works well on “non-Ashkenazi voters” in a leaked recording revealed by Channel 12 on Saturday. Eshel, a former Netanyahu chief of staff who resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct, […]