Famous Cardiac Surgeon’s Stories of Near Death Experiences in Surgery

Here is a video which does not approach the one life, Heaven or Hell forever after zionist nightmare Vs Reincarnation.

Just an honest man who has seen some things which can not be explained using the guidelines humanity is taught as concrete facts and laws of Universe.

My father, an ole time country Baptist preacher, always said in favor of a supreme Power being in charge, “I would hate to think all for this around us, the earth, the stars, the heavens, all just accidentally happened, because I might go to bed some night, go to sleep and it would all just un happen.”

American WW 2 general George S Patton, chastised a self-righteous ignorant army Sky Pilot who questioned George’s use of a “heathen” prayer before going into the winter freeze of the Battle of the Bulge, mostly borrowed from a mythical warrior’s prayer for good weather for battle to his god in antiquity.

“God iS God no matter by what name you call him”.

Good video worth the time to watch it.

The Ole Dog

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