“Richard” says: “It was over 158 years ago, get a frelling life.”

I had used the above meme to illustrate the idiocy of some yankee bitch moaning about Americans were close to losing their “freedoms”, that the warning was about 158 years too late for Southern folks.

This misbegotten being, prideful of his ancestor helping gang rape little southern children and their mothers to death, had a hissy fit anyone would question the evil pedophilic self righteous yankee spawn of the Cromwellian trash of Europe which escaped prosecution by the crown and hid out in “New England”‘s right to rape, rob and murder anyone, anytime they damn well felt like raping, robbing, murdering!!!

Oh yes, and them lying, making themselves the good guys while not talking in the history books about all that yankee USA/DC raping, robbing and murdering.

My rely to the joying in evil yankee scum was this!

“USA/DC mercenary war criminals gang raped children to death.
Gang raped their mothers to death, both Scotts-Irish Americans and African Americans.
Gang raped ministers daughters who’s fathers followed the bible, prayed for their country/ leadership.
Shelled and burned whole cities not out of military necessity, but to terrorize and murder unarmed civilians by the tens of thousands.
Burned courthouses, seminaries, convents, churches, parsonages, hospitals, universities, homes, farms, barns, pig pins, outhouses.
Stole everything, dug up the dead and robbed them.
Burned crops, shot farm animals so little southern children would die of starvation, by the tens of thousands .
Murdered at least half a million Americans.
“Richard” says:
“It was over 158 years ago, get a frelling life.”
Not I am truly sorry my ancestors were such evil pedophilic scum sucking degenerate dark side thieves and murderers, but, “It was over 158 years ago, get a frelling life.”.
That about sums up the unrepentant evil of the king’s head chopping off, “witch” burning, peaceful Quaker murdering, lying, thieving, pedophilic puritan yankee gentuza.”

The Ole Dog!

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