Will the Real “honest abe” Lincoln Please Step Forward!

The queer shyster atheist , (who in his hypocrisy and dishonesty used fanatical puritan cult religion rhetoric to get the USA soldier to gang rape and murder all those Southern Children, and their mothers, African American and European American alike), manic depressive with Marfan’s syndrome, Rail road lawyer Lincoln despised African Americans, wanted to ship them back to Africa so they did not contaminate “whites” with their “subhuman” status.

Said they should not be allowed to live where “whites” lived, marry a “white”, vote.
Told the African Americans to their faces his racist hate.
Lincoln told African Americans again to their face, they were sub humans, and it was bad for the whites to have to live around blacks.

So Lincoln was defective morally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

USA troops also murdered over 20, 000 African American children and women in a death camp at Devil’s Punch bowl , Natchez Miss., after the war was over.
The men were not murdered as they were put to work doing slave labor for the USA Military.

As the yankee soldiers were fond of saying, they had no use for but they best looking young black gals.

Truth is always the first casualty of an unjust war.

The Ole Dog!

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