Southerners Have Been Infected With The yankee puritan zionist Zombie Virus

That Which Is voices the opinion of the Heavens on the Memory of a Godly Man of Honor, General Robert E Lee.
God Bless Robert E Lee!

“General in Chief of the Confederate Army

General Robert E. Lee’s Order No. 73

Regarding Christian Conduct of Confederate Troops toward Northern Civilians and their Property

General Order No. 73

The commanding general has observed with marked satisfaction the conduct of the troops on the march, and confidently anticipates results commensurate with the high spirit they have manifested. No troops could have displayed greater fortitude or better performed the arduous marches of the past ten days. Their conduct in other respects has, with a few exceptions, been in keeping with their character as soldiers, and entitles them to approbation and praise. There have been however, instances of forgetfulness on the part of some that they have in keeping the yet unsullied reputation of the army, and that the duties exacted of us by civilization and Christianity are not less obligatory in the country of the enemy than in our own. The commanding general considers that no greater disgrace could befall the army, and through it our whole people, than the perpetration of the barbarous outrages upon the innocent and defenseless and wanton destruction of private property that have marked the course of the enemy in our country. Such proceedings not only disgrace the perpetrators and all connected with them, but are subversive of the discipline and efficiency of the army and destructive of the ends of our present movements. It must be remembered that we make war only on armed men, and that we cannot take vengeance for the wrongs our people have suffered without lowering ourselves in the eyes of all whose abhorrence has been excited by the atrocities of our enemy, and offending against Him to whose vengeance belongeth, without whose favor and support our efforts must all prove in vain. The commanding general therefore earnestly exhorts the troops to abstain, with most scrupulous care, from unnecessary or wanton injury to private property, and he enjoins upon officers to arrest and bring to summary punishment all who shall in any way offend against the orders on this subject.

R E Lee”.

What Lee was too much a Gentleman to say, was he expected Southerners to act like Humans, unlike the child gang raping yankee spawn of zionist Zombie infected puritan white trash!

Just because the yankee sons of bitches burned your farm, raped / slaughtered your children and wife, he expected you to remember vengeance is Gods, not mans, and if Southerners returned bad for bad, why were the Southerners fighting the Dark Side of Evil?

If the Southern man lowered himself to the standards of the USA Glory-Glory Hallelujah ministers daughters gang raping because their minister fathers prayed for Robert e Lee, yankee thieving scum sucking diggers up of the dead to rob them also, then he was no better than the soul-less spawns of yankee child gang raping bastards themselves.

The thought of Southern men becoming the soul less minions of evil, the yankee War Criminals were, was a thought Lee could not bare to even contemplate.

Let me show you a bit of what the other side was saying about honor, not harming private property or unarmed civilians.

By “Rebellion”, the mass murdering alcoholic war criminal, failed business owner Grant meant, the Lawful Secession of the Southern. States, as. per. the USA’s own “constitution”. Session is still legal till this day under the USA constitution. USA took a giant dump on their own “constitution” The legality of secession under the USA constitution is why the War Criminal USA, did not try Jefferson Davis in court for Treason as they dearly wanted to. Simply put, such a trial would have documented the legality of the South, and Criminality of the USA.

Now let me give you some Southerners opinions of a USA yankee.

There was a place called Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois.
It was a death camp where over 6,000 Confederate Prisoners of War were intentionally murdered by the USA, by starvation when the yankee had plenty of food, by exposure to winter weather the Southern man was not used to, without any real shelter or winter cloths, despite the yankee having plenty of building materials and plenty of blankets, winter cloths.

In fact, the men coming into the camp, had their blankets and overcoats stolen by the yankee, so they would have no protection from the weather.

Disease was rampant, as the men literally had to eat the merger starvation rations, live and sleep in their own shit, as inadequate slit trenches for that purpose, overflowed and was washed around by rains.

The yankee evil scum sucking sons of bitches, and their foul mouthed slut bitches, would come. and pay to get on high observation towers built around the camp, so they could curse in the most vulgar way, at the wet, cold, starving, ill, dying men.

The few survivors said they never knew such words could come out of a woman’s mouth until they were sent to yankee land.

Even Southern girls of the night, would not debase their women hood with the vile vulgar language which the evil yankee bitches did.

Camp Douglas was not the only Confederate POW extermination camp the USA ran, just the most well know.

The history of the intentional extermination of Confederate POW has been buried as well as the USA’s rewriters of history could do so.

Now back to General Lees Statue, or statues.
There are fights going on on keeping up, or taking down several Lee statues.
Several already having been taken down by the USA yankee sons of bitches occupying Southern Lands.

Today, most descendants of Confederate Veterans, seem to have been infected with the yankee’s puritan zionist Zombie. Virus.

They salute the bloody rag flag, which flew over the gang rape of their ancestors, the slaughter by evil criminals, of many of their kin and ancestors.

They pledge allegiance to the flag which snapped smartly in the breeze as the yankee “soldiers” lined up unbuttoning their trousers to gang rape children, till death, Scotts-Irish and African Americans.

They cheer USA yankee political whores, and the USA’s mercenary military, while they do the same damn thing to other peoples, they did to the Southern people.

Furthermore, the Southern people can not wait to join the USA military, go murder children and innocent people defending their homeland from invading war criminal ass holes.

Go ahead an take all the Lee statues down.
Take all the Confederate Statues down.

The Confederate soldiers, Lee himself, are ashamed at being reminded their prodigy are such. evil yankee virus infected zionist Zombies!

They sure as hell do not want such scum sucking mass murdering mother huntchers to be associated with their memories in any way!

Go ahead take down Washington’s, Jefferson’s statues also.
I am sure it embarrasses the hell out of them, to be associated with such vile yankee zionist Zombie Virus infected blood lusting evil thieving degenerate ass holes.

If there is not a just people, a people seeking the path of the Light, which holds the memories of these men who sacrificed so much for this Land, near and dear in their hearts, then the statues are just depositories for pigeon shit!

An evil, self serving, vile, rejoicing in innocent bloodshed bunch of sewer crawler cum sucking ass holes just will not suffice for the memories of such men.

Lower the banners Boys, the Southerners infected with the yankee’s zionist Zombie Virus are not worth the fight.

They look to be terminally ill with the yankee scum’s Virus.

The Ole Dog!

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