The Day Israel Attacked America | Special Series

What USA/DC did to these men, is inexcusable and unforgivable.

When you send men into harms way, you damn well back them with everything you have available to you.

You NEVER abandon them for political expediency, (Treason against ones people and country).

Israhell attacked these men, USA/DC helped.

Then in order to cover up the crimes of a crime cabal which tried to sink an American ship, unprovoked, murdered in cold blood many, wounded many more, traumatized for the rest of their lives, USA/DCV further traumatized the victims of Israhell’s evil.

Not just by the Israhell criminals, but by the officials of what they thought they signed up to protect.

The survivors were threatened with prison if they even told their wives what happen.
The American people were to be denied the knowledge of the evil of Israhell, and the dastardly deed the Red. Russian Khazarians had done against America!

LBJ PERSONALLY got on the phone to the navy admiral, FORCED the admiral to recall the US Navy planes going to the aid of an American ship under attack, with dead an wounded on board.

Said “I will not embarrass an Allie for a few dead sailors and marines”.

LBJ knew it was Israhell trying to sink the ship before the men on the ship kenw it was Israhell trying to sink the ship, because the first waves of attack planes had no markings.

In a taped interview, I head one of the sailors say God’s hand stopped that ship from sinking so Israhell did not get away with it.

LBJ, was behind JFK in Dallas when Israhell made his head explode like an over ripe watermelon.
He heard the shots.
Her saw it.
He knew Mossad had some of that Box of Ammo left, and still had the sniper rifle.
LBJ did not want LBJ’s head to explode like an over ripe watermelon.

American sailors and marines, no problem!

LBJ’s head, NO-No-No!
I will be a good Israhell’s hand puppet minion!
Just do not make ole LBJ’s head explode like JFK’s

The Ole Dog

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