WATCH: Cops Mistake Autistic Child’s Seizure for Drug Use, Beat and Handcuff Him

Call in the goon squad!

These are “law” enFORCEment.

If there are any American Peace Officers left, they are staying well hid!

I have an autistic child, and I would at the least stomp these piggies asses.
If they were protected by the corrupt kangaroo corporate courts from justice, then they would receive cousin Jessie James’s Justice.

The Ole Dog!

Fresno, CA — All too often, families in need of medical help for their family members in a crisis will call 911 and receive anything but help. All too often, police—who have zero training in dealing with the mentally or physically ill—will show up to these medical calls for help and abuse, assault, arrest, and sometimes even kill those in need of help. A California woman learned this the hard way over the weekend when she called for an ambulance, got police instead, and watched her child endure a horrifying fate at the hands of Fresno’s finest.

Lourdes Ponce and her 16-year-old son with autism had gone to the doctor last week after he had a seizure. After the doctor, the pair were enjoying an early dinner at El Pollo Loco with Ponce’s other child when her son went to the bathroom and didn’t return for a long time. Ponce said she tried to get into the bathroom to help her son David, but the door was locked.

“I stood outside the door, I heard him hit the floor, I tried to open the door but it was locked, that’s when I asked for help,” she says.

Ponce said that when employees unlocked the door to the bathroom, her son was on the floor having a seizure, so she called an ambulance. Sadly, however, cops showed up instead of paramedics.

“We called paramedics for help, we did not call police. He was not hurting anybody, he was having a seizure,” she says.

However, according to Ponce, police mistook David’s seizure for drug use and began attacking him. As is the case when people have seizures, when they come to, they are often in an excited state or delirium. They are incredibly vulnerable at this point and need to be calmed. But calming David was the last thing on the responding officers’ minds.


WATCH: Cops Mistake Autistic Child’s Seizure for Drug Use, Beat and Handcuff Him

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