It is the Never Ending Need, this Burning Lust of the red Russian Khazarian Peodphile-

It is the never ending need, this burning lust of the red Russian Khazarian Pedophile-
Lurking in shadows, looking for a chance to do their buggering so very vile-

Perverted spitting in the face of the Avenging Light’s own messenger-
A very stupid thing driven by the child lust of evil beings like Kissinger-

The shame they would feel if the zionist zombies had a soul-
Is ignored by the soul less child rapist becoming more bold-

Hiding behind the protection of the evil pedophilic Red Shield-
Hoping it is enough to Shield them from their evil life’s bill-

The horsemen will bring like a thieve on that dark stormy night-
The messengers of the Light arriving to make things Right!

The sobbing begging pleading screams for mercy by the evil ones will fall on deaf ears-
As the gods take revenge for the rivers and oceans of innocents shed blood and tears!

The Ole Dog!

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