Israhell, is a Heresy of True Christianity, and must be Destroyed

Israhell is evil.

Israhell, today, has nothing to do with the historical Israel.

Hell, the evil war criminals, the cancer on Humanities ass, are not even Hebrews, but Red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians, who’s ancestors CONVERTED to the End of Times Pedophilia & Death cult, in the STEPPES of RUSSIA, in the YEAR, 0740 AD.

This has been proved both through accepted historical dicuments/writings, along with Modern DNA testing.

Warvangeliical “chritanity” is the enemy of Jesus the Christ.

And the cousin and butties in rape, robbery, lies, theft, persecuting Humanity, with the Red Russian Khazarian Mafia, the End of Times Pedophilia and Death Cult religion, mistakenly by some, and purposely to muddy the waters by others, called Judaism.

Puritanism, End of Timers, Evangelical “christens”, by whatever name one wants to use, is a cult Heresy of True Christianity and Jesus the Christ true teachings.

The Church of Rome hunted down real Christians, slaughtered them, when Rome launched it’s Church of Rome, (Roman Catholic Church), keep the conquered. peoples paying taxes and docile religion.

ALL mainstream, and most off stream “christian” religious cults are. off shoots of the Whore of Rome.

Therefore, ALL mainstream “christian” doctrines are SHIT, LIES, HALF TRUTH, cobbled together to make docile slaves.

Just some guy came along, who believe the Church of Rome’s fairy tale, but though he understood the meaning of the fairy tale, better than his bosses.

If you do not. wish to be a slave to little boy raping. up the ass evil beings, you had best pull your head out of your ass, and LEARN!

Schooling and Education are two different things.

Some of the biggest fools, idiots, clueless sheep wandering through life on the way to the slaughterhouse i have personally encountered, had the most degrees.

EDUCATE yourselves to TRUTH & Reality!

It is Humanities ONLY hope!

La Ole Dog!

One thought on “Israhell, is a Heresy of True Christianity, and must be Destroyed

  1. Joe Cortina says:

    Good man – John C. This country of bed wetting moral cowards needs more fearless truther like you. I have been fighting these demonic scum ever since my trip to IsraHELL in 89 as an insider with the ‘intel community’, I witness horrors that made me weep – and aroused a righteous anger I had never experienced before. I have published 4 compendiums of true historic fact damning these Christ killers. Amazingly they have not YET – been censured by jew trolls. You might want to look into it at Amazon. Titles are all same JOHN-8-44 Vols-1- 2 and 3
    I am ex Special Forces – ‘old school’ mid 60s. Was about to make Major but saw the handwriting on the wall – mass corruption in our jew run military TREASON, actually – and I wanted NO part If you like my atyle – I mince no words and shoot Right from the hip – then lets team up. Jew trashed my site ( it terrifies them) some folks can’t handle truth I LIVE BY IT!

    I have a LOT of new and even older posts and LOTS of damning stuff that has never been published and that we clueless ignorant merkans – so badly need to know to be able to take our country back, Help me get back in the fight – I have a LOT of ‘creditionls’ to bring to the table. God Bless – JC

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