I heard a man who’s brother was schizophrenic say that in his opinion, and he was very studied as well as personally experience through his brother, that the person had been a channeler of “spirits” in a or many former lives, and now they can not turn the voices off.

I was indoctrinated with the America, apple pie and Ford dream, (Father did not like Chevrolet)
Went to war for that dream, found it to be a nightmare of lies, mass murder and persecution of humanity for a handful of evil rich ass holes.

I found out just how much Uncle Sugar thought of those who wore the uniform.

During my struggle to separate reality from indoctrinated propaganda, I checked myself into a VA hospital seeking some kind of help.

In my room, a roommate for a two our three days, was a young, early twenties veteran, never went to a war.

He was schizophrenic.
His family would try to help him as much as they could, then they would call the VA, hav his carted away!

Had a lot of phycology in college, was the NCO the guys came to with their romantic problems of the heart, failing marriages, spiraling downward lives.

I was not a commissioned officer, I was not going to report jack shit to the medical department.

And I was curious!
Had read, studied this, but never talked to someone who was, and willing to describe what he saw and heard.

These people are already in hell.

There are things all around us, beings we can not in human form see.
There are things which go bump in the night.
There are magicians, witches, wizards, warlocks, sorcerers.
Not exactly like what you have been taught in movies and such, but very real.
There are at least three sources, souls come from, separate sources, which use the two legged Humanoid animal to function in this dimension.

You have lived many times before, many many times before your soul was allowed to take human form.

How much truth and reality you want to eat, take the pain of growth, when you ask for that dish, is how much you will be given.

Unless one faces that which they fear, they will never be free.
Humans fear that which they do not understand.

If humanity wants to survive as a species, be free, they better start educating themselves to reality.

If one desires much spiritual growth and illumination in a short period, that life/those lives, will be filled with much heartache, turmoil and pain.
Physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually.

This man is worth listening to.

The Ole Dog!

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