Jesus the Christ said, Chain a Heavy Weight Around A Baby Raper’s Neck, Throw Em In The Deep End!

Jesus the christ despised baby rapers the most-
He said their asses should be toast-

Chain a Millstone around their baby raping neck he said-
Drag their asses to the bluff overlooking the deep end, put em to bed-

Fish got to eat same as the worms-
This pile of shit is just the baby raper’s body, it is their soul which burns-

With the perverted lust of sex with children, forcing horror and pain on the child-
A pedophile causes a surge up Jesus the Christ throat of bitter bile-

Jesus would approve of cateration of the baby raper, chop his tree down and shove it up his ass-
Jesus the Christ prays humanity finds some balls and honor, so that this may come to pass!

The Ole Dog

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