Trump regime unveiled the long-delayed US-Israeli plan to Steal All of Occupied Palestine

January 28, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – “Today Israel has taken a giant step towards peace,” Trump said as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood by his side. “My vision presents a win-win solution for both sides,” he said, adding that Israeli leaders have said they will endorse the proposal, which is referred to as […]

Trump, Pence & Pompeo, the Gang of Three, Claim Criminal Theft of Palestinian Land to be Lawful!

As the jumped-up, self-proclaimed, orange new ruler of the world gives away half the Palestinian West Bank to the current Israeli military occupier, the world watches in amazement at the idea that this unbalanced idiot – currently facing impeachment – could possibly be elected for a second term. What on Earth happened to integrity and […]

The Ratschilds, (Israhell is their Crime Cabal), Use American Children as DC Sexual Party Favors, Cannon Fodder In Wars For Israhell, and As Usury Debt Slaves

The Ratschilds, Red Shield, Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongrel Khazarin Mafia, murdered Americans on the USS Liberty while trying to sink it, blame it on Arabs so USA would take Egypt out for them. Ship did not sink, plan did not work. USA/DC Corporation covered up the crime from Americans. The RothsRats, (Israhell), attacked […]

Sodom & Gomorrah On The Pacos And The Pacified, Khazarianized Fiminized texans

I heard on a local newscast, some Israhell firster political cum sucking whore in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Pacos, has introduced a “bill” in the yankee occupation “government”, (corporation), to force the “holocaust to be taught in all Texas Occupied Government Indoctrination centers, otherwise know as Public Schools, in all of Occupied Texas. ‘Sodom […]