1948-1949 A.D. – Yemen – Jews Expelled/Killed for Ritual Murder

1948-1949 A.D. – Yemen – Jews Expelled/Killed for Ritual Murder

Now I began to understand why the Red Shield Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian street mutts occupying Palestine are helping the Crypto Khazarian Saudi “royals’, along with controlled by Israhell crime cabal “citizens”, and jeffery Epstein Mossad Honey trap Pedophile Video blackmailed child gang raping, “witch” burning, puritan yankee gentuza political whores in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, USA/DC Corporation, Holocaust the Real Hebrews, the proved by DNA testing to be the closest living relieves of the Ancient Hebrews with 10 percent Genome.

Unlike the fake “hebrews”, the Red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians which both modern DNA testing, and accepted historical documents prove converted to the old End of Times Pedophilia & Death cult religion of the defunct late period Judeaians, and ONLY the late period Judianians, in the year OF 0740 AD, in the Steppes of Russia.

It is retribution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Hebrews, kicked the child raping and murdering fake “hebrews”, the Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarians out of Yemen!

For those of you whom do not understand what “Ritual Murder” means, I will give an example.

when Edward the 1st booted the Khazarians out of Merry ole, in 1290 AD, the Khazarians will say he did it because of Usury.

He had warned them against the practice, had forbid them to practice it.
He told them to get a haircut and a real job!

They went underground and kept stealing from the English with their usury.

When they got booted, was when it came to Edwards attention, on heathen Khazarian holidays, young English boys would be kidnapped, ritually gang raped by the Khazarians, drained of blood while gasping for breath, pain from multipal rapes and pain of a slit throat, suppose to increase the power of the blood offering to their Khazarian “gods”.

Then they got booted!

Thats what Ritual Murder’ refers to when the Khazarians got booted from Yemen.

The inbred Red Russians never forget when a people fight back against their ritual pedophilia and other assorted evils!

Why you think them Khazarians running Holly Whore ALWAYS cast great great grandpappy type Edward in such a bad light?

They still PISSED!!!!!!!! he stopped them gang raping and murdering little English boys 609 yeas ago.

Yemens did it last century!

The Ole Dog!

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