Uncomfortable Truths and the Horror of the “Greater Good”

Collectivism is not a new idea, but it is one that now consumes America, and since collectivism is based upon the destruction of individual intellect in favor of group sameness, it must be squashed at every turn if freedom is truly sought. Nationalism is a belief that one’s nation is superior to all others, and that group devotion to the State is paramount. These are obviously similar terms, with differences only at the extreme margin, but both require a single-minded belief in the false assumption of the “greater good.” It has been said by many, but any acceptance or adherence to the dishonest concept of the greater good will simply lead to the greater evil.

While there are differences to be sure, when one compares the beliefs and actions of Nazi Germany to today’s United States, there are stark similarities. This is a very disturbing revelation, and one that should be examined. For my purposes here, this is not specifically about any particular past or current ruler or president, it is much more than that, because it is concerning society at large, and how an entire nation can be easily manipulated to accept slavery in the name of safety, and in doing so, also accept the inevitable carnage and tyranny that comes with such weakness of mind.

One of the most obvious likenesses between the general populations of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s and the U.S. today was the rampant nationalism and belief of exceptionalism held by the Nazis then, and the American masses now. In Hitler’s national socialist party rule, all of Germany came together as one in support of the nation-state, with a full belief that they were the exceptional people. In the U.S. today, the fascist and socialistic oligarchy that is in place is dependent on national unity, which has been brought about by extreme fear mongering, little different than in Nazi Germany. One of the most prevalent underpinnings of the population in America today is the national feeling of being exceptional to those in other lands. Those in Nazi Germany were taught to be afraid of mixing with other races, especially the Jewish people, and felt exceptional to them. Americans today have similar feelings about the Muslims in the Middle East. They are afraid of this purposely structured and false “terrorist” threat, and feel superior to the people that are a manufactured enemy.

In order for the state to gain the long-term loyalty of the people, indoctrination is required. In Germany under Hitler, the government, specifically the Reich Ministry of Education, took control of the education system in 1934 in order to indoctrinate the youth. The goal was to produce strength so as to build a population that would be willing and able to war, and that would always fully support the state. Later, the creation of the National Socialist Teacher’s League, with mandated affiliation in order to teach, was established. Grades suffered, and dumbing down became evident, but the goals of the state were met so that all children were brainwashed from a very young age to support the state and become good citizens. In the United States, this same process of mandated state-controlled education had begun much earlier, but was done incrementally over a longer time. Similar results were sought, but American students were to be schooled just enough to make them good workers and citizens, and this plan was also designed to advance loyalty to the nation-state. The indoctrination of German and American children has much in common, and the results show less individualism, less intellect, and more nationalism. Both countries were successful in their efforts to control the general population by controlling the minds of the children through brainwashing techniques.

The Germany of the early and mid-twentieth century desired to be the controlling power, and also had a national feeling of superiority over much of the rest of the world. Has not the United States desired and obtained the title of world super-power, and do not Americans also now believe that they are exceptional to most of those in the rest of the world? This is no accident. Germany wanted to spread Nazism and the U.S. claims to spread democracy. Both Nazism and democracy are socialistic in nature, and the efforts to advance both require extreme force, control, murder, and war.

The belief in Germany at the time was that the few could be sacrificed for the many; in other words, the individual should be sacrificed for the greater good of society or nation. Generally speaking, both the Germany of old and America today hold this same position. It is one that demands tyrannical rule and a loss of freedom instead of individual rights. This thinking is completely incompatible with liberty.

My purpose here is not to declare that America today is the same as Nazi Germany. The two situations are certainly different in many ways, but at the same time, the similarities are astounding. The German government attempted to gain world power, and was a barbarous regime bent on total control. In the process, millions of innocent victims fell to the Third Reich through aggressive means and world war. German citizens while mostly held hostage, did support many of the state’s crimes, and did so with nationalistic fervor. When put in these simple terms, Americans looking in the mirror should become very disturbed.

The United States became the world’s leading power long ago due to continuous aggressive war, to the buildup of the largest and most aggressive military and deadly weaponry on planet earth, and for the building and occupation of over 800 bases on foreign soil. In the process, the U.S. has been responsible for tens of millions of deaths of innocent men, women, and children around the world just since the defeat of Germany in WWII. So how could any claim to be different or exceptional with a record of slaughter of this magnitude?

Tyranny is nurtured by national pride and false ego. This leads to more power over the individual, and therefore over society as a whole. This causes perpetual war to be waged in order to control the masses by fear. By eliminating the power structure, wars will cease, and individual liberty can flourish. Tearing down the government will eliminate tyrannical rule, and once again place the individual in a position of importance instead of allowing the evil that is the greater good.

Sometimes things are not as they seem, reality is not so clear, and egotistical views come back to haunt the soul. The mirror is our friend, for accepting truth, and improving self brings peace.

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