Iran Urges Islamic Sates to Combat Trump’s ‘Fake’ Deal

Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has sent a letter to the heads of Islamic Parliaments, condemning Trump’s peace deal, urging them help resolve the Palestinian crisis through a referendum and Parliamentary diplomacy. Describing the deal as “breach of all the international agreements, rules and resolutions” he said the “US President is attempting to portray the […]

Israel’s Destruction of Palestinian Farming via Aerial Herbicide Spraying Resumes

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, Israeli crop-duster planes flew along the perimeter fence separating Gaza and Israel, spraying chemicals assumed to be herbicides into the Strip. Israel continued to conduct aerial herbicide spraying along additional sections of the perimeter fence on Wednesday, January 15, as well on the morning of January 16. Each morning, the […]

Trump regime unveiled the long-delayed US-Israeli plan to Steal All of Occupied Palestine

January 28, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – “Today Israel has taken a giant step towards peace,” Trump said as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood by his side. “My vision presents a win-win solution for both sides,” he said, adding that Israeli leaders have said they will endorse the proposal, which is referred to as […]