The Real Dwight D. Eisenhower ! Rhine Meadows Death Camps!

Death Camps are a USA/DC specialty.

The USA used them on Confederate prisoners of war.

The USA used them on freed Southern African American former slaves, women and children to the tune of 20,000 murdered at The Devil’s Punch Bowl, Natchez Mississippi, right after the end of the war.

The USA is still running death camps for the freed African American slaves descendants.
Now they are called Ghettos, Housing Projects, Public Assistance, Street Gangs.

(Northern slaves were not freed for some months till after the war, the war was not about slavery, slavery was a tool used against the south for the sake of the war effort).

The USA used, and is still using death camps for the Native Americans, but now they call them reservations, and kill them slowly.
They seem to get more glee with killing them slowly while claiming to be trying to help them.

General Patton opposed the outright murder of Germans, whether civilian or former POWs, as well as the turning over to Stalin, all peoples from all lands now stolen by Stalin, (Red Russia), knowing they would be outright wholesale murdered in & by Russia, or used for slave labor till they died of starvation and abuse.

He. also knew there were American POWs, held by Germany, in camps. the Red Russians had. “liberated”, they were not being accounted for.
(They never were accounted for).

They were sacrificed on the alter of the USA Khazarian Political Prostitutes, Like FDR & “Ike” kissing Red Russia’s ass.

Part of why the USA & Red Russia teamed up to murder The Last American General.
He simply knew too much of their evil, betrayal of Americans and America, and would not shut up!
So the Red Russian Khazarians, from Russia and the ones infiltrated into USA/DC, had him murdered to shut him up.

Simply would not do to allow the American people to know the truth!

The USA used death camps in Post War. Germany, in a planned attempt to desolate the German people, and to kill their moral spirit, so they would accept the victors values.

Which is the shit hole world you see around you at the moment!

The Ole Dog!