Never heard of this guy before, someone sent me a link.

Thats all right, he never heard of me.

But he seems to know his stuff, and he tells people “lawyers” don’t know shit about the law, which I know is true.
He also understands the tentacles of the Red Shield.

And he got kicked off of YouRube, just like they booted my butt for “Hate Speech”, (Telling the truth and backing it up with proof).
When YouRube says hate speech, that means YouRube HATES!!!!! hearing the truth!

And further more, as you will not stop popping their Big Lie balloons with your Truth, the cowardly lying pedophile promoters at YouRube, had to ban you!
There, thats better!

That annoying truth is SO UPSETTING!!!!!!!

So if YouRube hates him, that is reason enough to give him a look and listen on his videos.

He uses the word”jew and Jews”.
I refuse to.

I was raised baptist, but I reverted back to my Viking/Norse “Paganism”.

The little boy raping priest who tortured people in every way they could think of who did not do or say EXACTLY as the Church of Rome told them to, said Vikings were Pagan!

By ethnicity or blood, I have a big chunk of Scotts-Irish, Welch, Scandinavian and Spanish, (Iberian Peninsula) in my veins.

Basically I am a Texican Viking.
An American.

My religion is Natural Law, God’s Law, honoring the gods which give life, the Light, the Sun, the changing seasons.
Which was basically what the Viking religion was.

So I am a viking at heart, who is an American Texican.

My Religion is “Paganism”

So, does that make me a Pagan as a Race?
No, Paganism is my religion, Scandinavian, Scotts-Irish, welsh, Spanish are my. contributing ethnicities.

“Jew” or Jews”, is a slang word used to identify members of the End of Times Pedophilia and Death Cult religion, the Red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians converted to in the Steppes of Russia, in the year 0740 AD.

“Jews” are Red Russian Turkmen mongrel mutt little boy raping, thieving, mass murdering Khazarians.

The Khazarians religion, is “Jew” , or End of Times Pedophilia & Death cult religion.

Or, as I was raised in the Baptist. church, maybe my ethnicity is Baptist?

The Ole Dog!


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