Patton – ‘Give me 400 000 gallons’

If Patton had not been stopped at this point, he would have crossed the Reine, and Germany would have surrendered shortly.

Germany was in retreat, and short of everything.
The German officers who knew anything said after the war, if Patton had not been stoped, the war would have been over.

But that was a problem for the Usury pedophile Khazarian Ratschild “bankers”.

Lots of money being made from the blood of the poor of the armies.
Stop the war, that stops!
The war had to be slowed down.

Everyone knew ole Go Slow and Get A Lot of Men Killed Monty could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag on his best day.

He would have to sit and plan a while.
He would have to have all; supplies in place.
He would have to have all his men placed just so.

Then he would go slow, getting men killed slowly all along the way.
Then he lost, it was all a waste, and WW 2 in Europe, lived into 1945, just as the RothsRats wanted.

WW 2 in Europe, if Pattons supplies had not been cut off, would have been over no later than September 1944.

This was is note worthy, as the most Americans killed in one battle was not D-Day, but at the Battle of the Bulge, which would not have happed, as the war would have been over, before this battle.

All those Americans, including the huge number killed at the battle of the bulge, did not need to die, but Patton was stopped.
So they did.
As well as all the Germans who died from that point on.

Then George had to pull another rabbit out of his ass, or the Bastogne battle could well have been lost, with the allies getting perhaps kicked back to Merry Ole again, making ALL Americans who died from D Day on, in vain.

There was another problem with George ending the war say in September 1944.

The Red Ruskeys were just entering Hungary to occupy them.
There were three countries remaining between Russia and Germany.
If the war ended in Sep 1944, Russia would not have been able to gobble up all of Europe between them and half of Berlin.

There would have been no Cold War.
And the Ratschilds would not have made trillions off the misery inflected on humanity and the blood shed in the Cold War.

Could not have that now could the Rats!

So Patton was stoped, the war was prolonged, more poor people died on all sides.

Patton made one last attempt to stop the Cold War after WW 2 was over, for his trouble he was murdered by USA/DC/Russia, for standing. up for America and humanity.

So the Ratschilds got their Cold War.
And the shit hole world that brought humanity.
Which makes the Rats very, very happy.

The Ole dog!

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