Putin Calls For A New System Guided By UN Charter… But Is It Possible?

Putin is a Ratschild Bitch.
More than likely a bastard child of the evil child raping, thieving, mass murdering son of a Khazarian bitch you see him standing there with, kissing Israhell’s ass.

He has constantly betrayed Russia, Syria and Iran, for the benefit of the Rats and the Rat’s private stolen playground, the Israhell crime cabal occupying Palestine.

It is fitting Putin the Rats bitch, is put into a joint photo with FDR, a Rat’s bitch who betrayed America to Red Russian Non Semitic Khazarian Rats.

The plan of the Rats, has always been cause so much fear, war, starvation, turmoil in the world, that when the Rats offer a “One World Government”, (unelected and unreachable by common folks of course, with the Rats in charge), the world’s sheep would bleatingly thank the evil persecuting them, causing all the fear and pain and death in humanity, for saving them by making them world slaves to the Ratschilds.

Putin seems to be their front guy, and the failed UN which has helped the Rats do their crimes against humanity, will be. held up as the salvation of humanity.

The sheep are exceedingly stupid.
If that is genetic stupidity, or self imposed stupidity, the world shall see.

If it is genetic, then the sheep are good for nothing but slaves anyway, it is what they desire, being afraid of self responsibility.

If it is self imposed, then there is hope for the ones, when they find their backs to the wall, and the Ratschilds dropping their pants, telling the world to bend over, find their voice and a set of balls.

The Ole dog!

Anyone looking with sober eyes upon today’s world and the feeble economic and geopolitical underpinnings holding the system together must accept the fact that a new system WILL be created.

This is not an opinion, but a fact. We are moving towards eight billion lives on this globe and the means of productive powers to sustain that growing population (at least in the west) has been permitted to decay terribly over the recent half century while monetary values have grown like a hyperinflationary cancer to unimaginable proportions. Derivatives speculation alone under the deregulated “too big to fail” banking system has resulted in over $1.5 quadrillion in nominal values which have ZERO connection to the real world (GDP globally barely accounts for $80 trillion). Over the past 5 months $415 billion of QE bailouts have been released into the bankrupt banks to prevent a collapse. So, economically it’s foundation of sand.

Militarily, the west has followed the earlier Roman empire of yesteryear by overextending itself beyond capacity creating situations of global turmoil, death and unbounded resentment at the dominant Anglo American powers controlling NATO and the Military industrial complex. The recent near-war with Iran at the start of 2020 put the world on a fast track towards a nuclear war with Iran’s allies Russia and China.

Culturally, the disconnection from the traditional values that gave western civilization it’s moral fitness to survive and grow has resulted in a post-truth age now spanning over three generations (from the baby boomers to today’s young adults) who have become the most confused class of people in modern history losing all discrimination of “needs” vs “wants”, “right” vs “wrong”, “beauty” vs “ugliness” or even “male” and “female”.

Without ranting on anymore, it suffices to say that this thing is not sustainable.

So the question is not “will we get a new system?” but rather “whom will this new system serve?”

Will this new system serve an oligarchical agenda at the expense of the nations and people of the earth or will it serve the interests of the nations and people of the earth at the expense of the oligarchy?

Putin Revives a Forgotten Vision
President Putin’s January 15 State of the Union was a breath of fresh air for this reason, as the world leader who has closely allied his nation’s destiny to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, laid out a call for a new system to be created by the five largest nuclear powers as common allies under a multi-polar paradigm.

After speaking about Russia’s vision for internal improvements, Putin shifted towards the international arena saying:

“I am convinced that it is high time for a serious and direct discussion about the basic principles of a stable world order and the most acute problems that humanity is facing. It is necessary to show political will, wisdom and courage. The time demands an awareness of our shared responsibility and real actions.”

Calling for Russia, the USA, UK, China and France to organize a new architecture that goes far beyond merely military affairs, Putin stated:

“The founding countries of the United Nations should set an example. It is the five nuclear powers that bear a special responsibility for the conservation and sustainable development of humankind. These five nations should first of all start with measures to remove the prerequisites for a global war and develop updated approaches to ensuring stability on the planet that would fully take into account the political, economic and military aspects of modern international relations.”


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