Americans Are Either To Stupid, Or Ignorant As The Case May Be, To Understand True Freedom.

USA Burns Children To. Death In Their Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents were ALLEGED to Have “Illegal” Weapons.
“We must Kill The Children, To Save The Children”

Americans are either too stupid, or ignorant as the case may be, to understand freedom.

Why the hell, start a war, blow things up, kill a lot of folks, fighting for something they do not even understand.

Americans do not need a revolution, American need Education.
Not more schooling, a real education to facts, reality and what freedom really means.
If they educated themselves, there would need be no war, as a slave master can not exist for long if all the slaves realize they are slaves, and all give the slave master the middle finger at the same time.

If Americans win freedom, without understanding freedom, and the constraints/Duties freedom brings, the responsibilities true freedom brings, they will just sell it for a short vulgar dance and a fleeting song, just as they did when they allowed the slave and Empire making “constitution” to be forced on free Americans, making them once again slaves.

An American war for independence from the British Empire was fought and won once already.
Why fight another revolution for freedom from the British Empire, (Ratschilds), when in damn near three hundred years the American sheep still do not understand true freedom.

They would just piss it off again!

American’s MUST embrace Reality, a True Education of Freedom, Stand up, Speak up, if Americans as a people are to survive.

Any Armed revolution, before that is like pissing into a chilly wind.
Ya get a brief warm feeling, followed by a lasting cold hard reality!

If Americans educated themselves, the evil in DC. could no longer function, not for long.
Americans would win their freedom again, without blowing everything up, making a bunch of unneeded orphans/widdows, weeping parents, sweethearts and siblings.

No, the pedophilic bankers don’t get rich and keep control this way, but everyone has to put something in the pot, if humanity is to survive.

Cause Americans are some real cowardly dumb ass sheep for the most part, but. having traveled around the world a bit, studied other cultures, I don’t see any sheep out there in a much better shape morally, real education wise or balls wise.

Especially the English!

The Old Dog!