USA/DC Assassinated Martin Luther King, Then Gave Him A Holiday

There is a MLK March on this day each year.

Never been, don’t go to many big public events, preferring the company of my dogs and goats to most people I meet nowadays.

But the wife and I decided to take the oldest grandkid to do the march, a show of respect for MLK and what he believed in.

Except the wife spent all last night trying to throw her shoe heels up into the toilet.

At our age, I know it is not morning sickness, so a virus or food poisoning.
If it is the plan, next year we will get down there.

Martin was human, had some faults.

“He without sin caste the first stone!

Woman, where are thou accusers?

They are gone.

Neither do i accuse you, go in peace!”

He saw injustice, inequality, prejudice, felt the call to duty, accepted that call knowing to stand up, speak up, might very well mean his death.

He stood up for not only the African American people, but for all Americans.
He was an American.
He understood, America could never be a Free Land, a good Land, a good place to raise a family, a force of good, as long as such hatred and bigotry, on all sides, remained.

So he stood up, marched right up to the USA/DC cannon, stuck his own ass into the barrel, for the good of his people the African Americans, as well as all Americans in the end, and the USA/DC cannon took him.

Then the USA/DC cannon gave him his own Holiday.

The King family is on record as saying they know the patsy, Ray, did not kill Martin.

The king family sued the USA/DC, for wrongful death or some such, in US Civil Court, won, and the USA paid up if I remember correctly.

Why did the USA/DC murder Martin?

USA/DC wanted to keep the African American people on the “reservation” of project housing Ghettos, as they keep the native Americans on Reservations of land nobody wanted at the time, barely hanging on, pride stamped nearly out.

Natives and African Americans, on the Federal reservations, few real solid family units, teenage pregnancies, unwed mothers a ever expanding cycle, males who’s manhood has been all but extinguished, denied the pride of caring for a family as the protecter and bread winner, aimlessly drinking themselves to death, ODing, in prison, or menial wage jobs, are not a problem.

But solid family units, where two parents work together, stay together, raise their children in a productive, moral environment, is horrifying to those who would be king, and use Americans as Sexual Party favors, Cannon fodder, and their parents as usury debt slaves.

This is the America MLK saw for all Americans.

His insight into how to move people, people of all backgrounds all shades of colors, to face the problem, to constructively start thinking about the problem, was dangerous as hell to USA/DC!!

So they murdered him, just as those before murdered every voice which has spoken out against injustice and against the economic governmental slavery, which USA/DC holds the American people in.

Well done in your devotion to your Principals and to your Duty Martin.
Rest Easy.

The Ole Dog!

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