Eve Took A Bite Of Apple, Turned And Said To Adam

Eve took a bite of apple, turned and said to Adam-
Look at all those trinkets out there, I simply MUST have em-

Adam took a bite of Apple, said you have got something I have to get-
Maybe we can stike a bargain, we may Both get what we want and each win yet-

So begin the pattern of using each the other to fulfill their own needs-
It is this conditional “love”, which planted the bad seeds-

Of the me first evil dung heap to which humanity gave birth-
Of their evil, all creatures large or small on the entire Earth-

Are made to drink of the coming application of the Horsemen’s craft-
Failing to embrace unconditional love to the end, humanity hit the trip wire of the gods wrath-

A me first self serving two legged animal’s self imposed demise-
Is the reason the Horsemen and gods no longer care about humanities lies and cries-

Just one more defective species from a deformed, broken mold-
Who sold their own asses for brass trinkets, polished to look like gold.

The Ole Dog!