US Transferring ISIL Terrorists to Western Iraq Again after Hashd Al-Shaabi’s Cleansing Efforts

Israhell is run by the Ratschilds. Ratschilds run the British Empire. Israhell is the Red Shield’s Military outpost in the Middle East, as well as trouble maker, and lure to the worlds armies to the RothsRat pedophilic Evil Usury zionist End of Timer Death Cult “banker’s” preplanned and long lusted for bloodletting of the innocent, […]

False Flag? Fmr CIA Officer Suggests US Hacked Ukrainian Plane Transponder To Provoke Iran Shootdown

Ratschilds were stealing Iran’s oil. Iran said, Iran will now stop the Rats from stealing Iranian oil. RothsRats had the CIA overthrow the Iranian Government, Install brutal puppet. Iranians overthrew brutal Ratschild puppet government, stopped Ratschilds stealing Iranian oil again. Ratschilds, have CIA, sic Iraq, (Saddam was their boy, before he was thrown under the […]