The Road To Hell Is Paved With Lies.

Personally, I refuse to use the term “Jew”.

By ethnicity, the evil child raping Usury practicing, lying betrayers of their host peoples and nations, are by sub race of the human race, Khazarians.

Khazarians are a Turkmen mongrel people who converted to the End of Times Death Cult religion, in the Steppes of Russia, in the Year 0740 AD.

Both accepted historical documents and modern DNA test have proved both modern “Jews”, are Khazarians and not of Hebrew ancestry.

Jew is a slang term for one who is associated with the Evil Child rape, human sacrifice, war mongering cult religion which the LATE term, (and only the late term), Hebrews embraced in their evil.

When one uses “Jew” however, one is playing into the Pedophile Khazarians trap, because they have magically tried to turn membership in a cult religion, or kin to members of the child rape and human sacrifice religion of murder and theft, into a human sub race of the human race.

So in writing or talking about their religion, I call it what it is, The End of Times Pedophilia, war mongering, theft, Death Cult.

If I am speaking or writing of the criminals who adhere to the religion, I call them what they really are, Pedophilic Red Russian Expats & spawn thereof Turkmen mongrel Khazarians from the Steppes of Russia.

The Ole Dog!

Who exactly is the enemy here?

If someone invites a person to a peace conference, and then murders him on his way to attend that event, would you say that this killer is the kind of person you’d like to hang out with (thinking he’s just like your favorite Hollywood superhero — handsome, powerful and dishonorable)?

If you put your faith in weapons, but have no regard for those they hurt, no matter how many people you might kill or make sick for life, is this the kind of person you would trust with your children (as so many do when they let their kids join the Army)?

If you worship a God who champions the murder of infidels — of all those “not like you” — and promises you prizes that are only the camouflaged projections of sexually inadequate perverts, would you continue to worship that God (is this why people no longer send their kids to church)?

The three questions are really one, you know? If you say yes to any of the three, then you are indeed the problem. America’s problem and the world’s. The chief obstacle to human survival, you might say. If you were honest enough to admit it.

Think for a moment about where you received your information FROM; and then analyze the difference between what they told you happened and what actually happened according to a wide variety of reliable sources. Is this not our situation with our government/media today?

9/11, the contrived foreign invasions, the domestic false flag terror events — thousands of concerned observers can produce solid evidence these were all government fabrications, yet are prevented from doing so because the government and media are so closely connected to (not to say owned by) the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.

Are we not getting a scripted version of reality that has little or nothing to do with the facts on the ground?

You see it most clearly in the widespread infection throughout Western media regarding the people of Iran, who are demonized as badly as the Germans were before the Jewish World Wars during the last chance humanity had of escaping the fractional reserve manacles the Jews have fastened around the necks of everyone on Earth.

Proudly boasting of that power U.S. President Donald Trump took it upon himself to murder an Iranian folk hero whom he had lured to a secret peace negotiation in Baghdad. Tens of thousands took to the streets of Iran in mourning for the funeral of Gen. Qasem Soleimani; 56 mourners were killed in a stampede during the burial procession. Soleimani was enticed to Baghdad by a backchannel communication from Trump relating to a supposed peace initiative between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Popular Judge Jeannine Pirro praised Trump’s murder of Soleimani on Fox News in a classic case of media spin ignoring the historical facts of the case — namely, that Soleimani was the real hero for vanquishing ISIS (the Mossad/CIA version of Arab terrorists) from much of Iraq and Syria. That the Iranian deaths may have hastened the deaths of many Americans who were invading his homeland make him a terrorist in the minds of kosher controlled Americans.

But this is how media flip things. The entirety of Jewish owned media in the U.S. tries to cling to the notion that Iran is the bad guy, a threat to the American way of life (whatever that remaining from high standards of Constitutional justice that have been eroded and demolished by Jewish money). The righteous commentators do this by repeating the script they have been given by the rich Jew criminls who control worldwide media.

The unsuspecting American public chooses one side or the other, but as we so clearly see in the rhetoric of today’s politically correct politicians, both sides are solidly in support of our murderous war machine without any verifiable evidence not spun for Jewish purposes — we allow the killing of foreign peasants for reasons that either we don’t understand or won’t even listen to!

It’s the U.S. invading both Iraq and Iran, not the other way around, to steal their oil. Duh-uh! Soleimani cannot be made a villain for defending his own country, his own people, against The Great Satan. According to Donald Trump, anybody in any country who resists the ongoing crimes of the Jewish American war machine is a terrorist, while simultaneously it is the government that makes these statements that is the real producer of these terror events.

This means nobody in the world is safe anywhere, a thought that has crossed the minds of many millions of people on every continent.


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