Questions about Trump’s being Unable to Produce Any Real Evidence the Murdered by Trump Iranian General Was Planning To Attack American Embassies

Then we agree!
Fuck America!
Viva Israhell!

18 years ago, on 11 September 2001, Mossad and USA/DC attacked the American Home land at New York murdering over 3,000 souls.

Everyone able to chew gum and walk at the same time knows, (unless the ignorance is self imposed), the “Official” 9-11 story / investigation both, should start with In a Land far-far away, and end with, and they all lived happily ever after, and is. grade A, USA, Un-adulterated Washington DC Bull Shit!

Yet 18 years and counting, DC has not fessed up to the truth and arrested their own pedophilic asses for treason, murder and just generally for lying their butts off?

And yet again, trying to get one more war going for the benefit of the Ratschilds Israhell Khazarian Mafia Headquarters and hide out in occupied Palestine.

As well as stealing over 11 million dollars a day from the Hard Pressed American worker, struggling in the basement level dump economy crafted by the DC geniuses and ships it to the Ratschilds in occupied Palestine!

I would not hold my breath for any evidence on this latest in a generations long, over two hundred year history of War Crimes based on False Flags and contrived lies by the USA/DC Crime Cabal.

In this the latest of the USA/DC’s War Crimes, the Trickster Trumpster murdering a diplomat from another country, in yet a third country, which Trump had the Saudi’s lure there on a fake “Peace Mission”, so Trump could murder the Iranian General who defeated ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and is a hero of the Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian peoples, any “evidence” which the Crime Cabal provides should start with “Once upon a time in a Land far-far away, and end with, “and they all lived happily forever more”.

The Ole Dog!

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