Let Me Splain Something To You Lucy America, About Diplomacy

On the old I love Lucy Show, when she had really done something totally stupid, her Cuban born husband would say in his broken English, “Let Me Splain Something To You Lucy!”.

True diplomacy keeps your sons, and now your daughters, from coming home in a steady stream of Body Bags, with Chinese manufactured plastic Purple Hearts Pinned to them.

USA has not had true diplomacy in a very long time, but the USA Corporation, a sub corporation of the Red Shield Rat Run Evil British Empire, has had a very large and aggressive military machine.

Therefore other folks pretended they believed what the kiddy rapers of Sodom and Gomorrah on The Potomac were lying to them about.

This has been killed!

Dead On Arrival!

Even the illusion of legitimacy to American “diplomacy” is damn well deader than a rotting, stinking pole cat run over on Pennsylvania Avenue!

For you ignorant American pig fuckers out there, who never pulled you heads out of your asses, there are some time tested protocols of Diplomacy between powers, which has helped to keep humanities blood loss at a slow trickle, instead in a gushing flood.

These protocols were adopted through many hundreds and thousands of years, to help keep that human blood loss at a trickle, instead of that raging flood.

One of these protocols, The USA/DC, Donald Trumpster if you still believe he calls any shots, has taken not only a giant shit on one of the main stays of human existence, but by the same evil or stupid event, has removed any reason for another country or power to even pretend to believe the words coming out of DC any longer.

USA is Diplomatically DEAD!

One simply does not do harm or impend the diplomat, from another power, in the pursuits of his diplomatic Mission!

This is Damn Well Chiseled in Granite Stone in the damn rule book!

The Iranian General, was on a KNOWN and PUBLISHED diplomatic mission to Iraq to receive a proposal from the Saudi “royal” families “government”.

And the USA, fucking DC scum, murdered him!

Blew his ass apart, in a Sovereign Foreign Land, USA have no right to be in, having invaded based on thin lies which would have not justified the invasion had they been true, and refuse to leave.

Trump threatened the Iraq Head of State with bad ass economic sanctions against Iraq, if Iraq tried to kick the hated and unwanted invaders who are sending ISIS against Iraq, out!

One simply does not do, what the DC kiddy fuckers just did, and have the “government” survive for long.

Except as perhaps a hollow force murdering the “home folks”.

That would be you American sheep, to hold on to enough power to still live like kings without breaking a sweat, while raping Americans children and picking their parents pocket books.

In other words, FUBARed.

Old military term:
Fucked up beyond ANY repair!

The Ole Knows His Diplomacy Dog!

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