Why don’t the world court arrest the USA and the Rats who run it?

Lets see said the blind man to the deaf man!

USA, has more weapons of mass destruction than ANY other criminal organization , as well as any, (unlike the USA), Legitimate Nation State.

USA remains the only Power in modern times to use nuclear or Atom bombs on civilian cities.

USA, a foreign to Americas Sub Corporation of the Evil of the Rat Run British Empire, invaded a sovereign Nation State, Iraq, in 2003, using the lie Iraq had weapons of Mass destruction, which would not have legitimized the evil USA’s mass murder invasion of Iraq, if it had been true, and not a bald faced know USA lie.
Still in 2020, although it has long been proved USA invaded, holocaust Iraqi peoples, based on a lie which would not have legitimized their criminal actions, USA, the Illegal Occupier of Iraq, and Holocauster of Iraqi peoples, refuse to leave.

Why don’t the world court arrest the USA and the Rats who run it?

The Ole Dog!

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