Once I had hope for the American souls

The head up Assus American Breed of Sheep, worshiping at the alter of their GOD!

This is my fourth incarnation in America.

My 1st, I learned the greed of the “patriot”, and the. fear of everything and fickleness of the sheep.

The 2nd, I learned USA/DC, would murder anyone stood in the way of their greed and lust for dominating power.

3ed, I held out hope, I found individuals who showed promise, and believed America could heal herself.
I learned again, USA/DC would murder anyone, stood in the way of their cowardly treason against America Evil greed and lust for all dominating power.

4th, I soldiered on, believing the “government” was evil, but if only the American people could only be taught the truth, they would stand up, take the Land back, punish the evil scum who were committing treason against America!

I was dead wrong!
Americans are cowardly sheep who hide from the truth.

Evil scum who cheer when real men, who fought real evil, such as Israhell’s ISIS proxy terrorist scum, which the USA is running and assisting in the Middle East, are murdered by the little boy raping and murdering, pedophilic cancerous whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac

They get hard ons, their women get moist, at the though of Uncle Sugar blowing “bad Arabs” and “bad Terrorist” up into little pieces, in the most chickenshit, cowardly manner imaginable!

I have given up on the American people.

Nothing wrong with the Land.

Just needs a people, a few cuts above the cowardly approving of child rapist, American Sheeple!

The Ole Dog.

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