Oh How The Great America Has Fallen!

Was a time in America, at least South of the Mason Dixon line, when a mans word was worth more than dried ink on aging paper, one did not lie, one did not harm women, children, the old, the civilian, the innocent.

One did not shoot others in the back from, concealment, for evil reasons based on lies.

USA, which has been bombing the Iraqi/Syrian Civilians, as well as the militaries of both Sovereign nation States, (Whoops, it was a mistake, again, honest!), in support of Israhell’s proxy terrorist force, ISIS, for years.

Transporting ISIS in US military aircraft.

For years, when one for the countries military has been about to overrun an ISIS stronghold, in comes the USA helicopters, and whisk then ISIS foreign leaders, and big shots away to safety.

Arming ISIS, sharing intelligence with ISIS, hosting ISIS personal on US illegal;l bases in both countries.

Been going on for years.

Now then the USA, in a cowardly chicken shit manner, assassinates a real general who Really fought Israhell’s ISIS, who is traveling openly, on a diplomatic mission, when he is “shot in the back from concealment”, by the USA military, at DC’s orders.

The Christians in Syria and Iraq, both are mourning his death as he is responsible for stopping Israhell’s/USA’s proxy terrorist from slaughtering the Christian peoples.

So “brother christians”, in the USA scream in glee at the murder of the man responsible for saving thousands of Christians lives from the USA/Israhell.

I sincerely apologize for the stench of the evil of America which is assaulting your nostrils every so far away as you are!

They must go through the tempering fires before they are worthy.

The Ole Dog!

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