USA/DC Pig Fuckers!

The honor less see no problem with evil shit at any level.

The world is run on diplomacy, and trust is paramount to the mix.

These pig fuckers are doing their best to start WW 3.
There were other ways of doing the same thing, everyone knowing you did it, but having the Plausible Deniability.

They chose the in your face approach of murdering a Hero Iranian General, many Iraqi State controlled fighters who helped defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria, in this chickenshit cowardly fashion, to try to force a world war on the world.

Not going to work on the scale they think it will, there will be war, but not what they planned and need.

In the mix, it will take a century or two for anyone to ever trust any American “government” or the word of said “government” again.

Little boy Raping USA/DC Pig Fuckers!

The Ole Dog!

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