USA/DC Is a Mad Dog, Infected With The Israhell Virus, And Should Be Avoided At All Cost!

The War Crime Declaration of war between the USA/DC corporation, (perpetrated by the Evil of USA/DC, Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac), and the Sovereign Nation State of Iran, (Persia), by the outright Criminal, Cowardly, Chicken shit way USA/DC, the Bitch of Israhell, murdered an Iranian, as well as an Iraqi, as well as a Syrian hero, has shown the whole world the batshit crazy obese Emperor with his tiny dick and huge saggy dimpled ass, is butt assed naked, and drooling.

USA/DC is a frothing at the mouth Mad Dog infected with the Red Russian Expats & spawn thereof, Red Shield Khazarain Mafia’s, the Red Shield RothsRat’s crime cabal of Israhell Virus, which for your safety, as well as your loved ones safety, your people’s safety, your countries safety, the earth’s safety, should be avoided at all cost!

The USA/DC Corporation, has become a Mad Dog pariah.

For the safety of the world at large, avoid all contact until the virus has killed the host animals.

Then build a wall around the carrion, leave it as a memorial to an evil, the failed moral-less, honor-less, stupid, small, spiritually cowardly system and people.

Use as a warning, a reminder to future peoples and generations, to not allow the camels nose of the End of Times Pedophilia and Death Cult Evil, under their tent.

The Ole Dog!

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