Then i Was Your Savior, Now i Am Your judge!

Couple of days back, a Viet nam vet friend and I were running a hand along the world, and decide we would give it to to squirrels.
He and I know we have fought many battles together through time, and perhaps a few against each other, in the shifting sands of times past.

We agreed, neither of us feels the call of duty to fight another war for humanity.
To try to show them how to grow as a spiritual species.
We agreed, neither of us think humanity will make it as a species.

We agreed, each of us independently, came to the same conclusion separately, given the evil we see in humanity around us each day, the pettiness, the back stabbing, the cheating, the lying, the self serving lust, even to the detriment of their own young, the immoral wars of aggressions based on bald faced lies, the way the sheep people cheer on the evil of their “leaders”, as if they truly believe the lines of the ole country song, “The Road Goes On Forever and The Party Never ends”.

They have no concept of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Justice or Karma.

Everyone of the boys I know where they are, they do not want to do another tour of duty, take it up the ass again as humanity betrays them, turns on them, preferring to stay ignorant passive slaves to their lust, than take responsibility individually and eat the pain of growth.

Reminds me of a story of early America, passed down to me by my father, who was a very wise man.

In the days of steam boat travel on the Mississippi, before the invasion and rape by the USA/DC War Criminal, king’s head chopping, “witch” burning, Southern Children Gang Raping Till Death, “puritan” zionist end of timer religious cult fanatic yankees, invaded in a War Crime, the Sovereign Southern Nation States, for Economic plunder reasons, there was one day, a young attorney standing at the rail passing the time of the trip, watching the shoreline.

As the paddle wheeler came around a bend in the river, the attorney saw a young boy who had been fishing from on top a bluff, fall into the muddy waters as the bluff beneath him crumbled suddenly.

Flinging off his top coat, the young attorney dove into the waters, in all his finery, pocket watch and all, swam to the struggling boy and pulled him to safety.

Time passed as time has a way of doing, and the young attorney, had become a gray haired old judge, worn by the hands of time.

One day a hardened criminal, stood before him to be sentenced, for the vile murder of another during the commission of a crime.

The hardened criminal looked at the judge and exclaimed, I know you!
When I was a boy I fell in the Mississippi, and you dove off a steam boat and saved me from drowning!

The old judge bowed his head and said Sorrowfully, then i was your Savior, now i am your Judge.

America, you have been found wanting on the scales of Justice.

The Ole Dog!

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