Root American Hog, or Die!

Like this hog, American’s are obese, hand to mouth, dependent on big brother. When the give me environment goes away, replaced by a feral reality, domesticated, pacified hogs die, while the rooting hogs live

Once upon a time there was a new land called America.

A group of far seeing individuals, with some self serving ass holes mixed in, decided to give the common man, the downcast, the c asteoff, a change at a new life where they could grow and become higher forms of humanity.

After over three hundred years, those beings grow tired of coming back life after life to save the American sheeple from themselves.

So they backed off, and the more corrupt, greedy, aggressive ass holes piggies made it to the top of the American pocket book.

The pocket book is now bare, the credit cards are maxed out, no one else, anywhere, trust the Americans around as they rob all comers to keep their hand out habit financed.

Root hog or die American sheep hog!

I have heard SO MUCH, about how big Americans balls are while bombing little children to death because their fathers did not want to bow at the alter of RothsRat slavery.

I await breathlessly the sight of the battle between those big Americans balls, and the giant old Kurly Wolf of Karma soon to dismount his motorcycle at America’s door.

The Ole dog!

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