My Daddy Is Bigger & Badder Than Your Daddy, Or My Big Brother Can Whip Your Big Brother

I am not going to address the world and humanity at large in this piece, just the American Head Up Assus Sheep.

Slavery loving goose stepping government idolizing, bleating, pooping, peeing damn sheep!

These slow witted herd animals, bleating alternately between fear and fantasy, think a Corporation, a Sub Corporation of the Evil British Empire, having been incorporated under Red Shield British Empire”law”, is somehow an Independent, American Nation or Country, which they, the sheep, run!

In their fantasy world, there are two parties, the Demophiles and the Republiphiles.

They never stop to consider only two parties are allowed in reality, ass any other Party which tries to show up to the DC Party, is marginalized, demonized, and ostracized.

These two DC Street Gangs, take turns playing Good Cop-Bad Cop, with the Head up Assus USA voters.

When the sheep get fed up taking it up the ass, they blame their self imposed misery on one party, and vote for the other.

Four to eight years later, fed up taking it up the ass, then the other party takes the blame, and the Head up Assus Sheep Voters, return to voting for the now Good Cop Party, which they said was the Bad Cop Party, four to eight years back!

Election in, election out!

Generation in, generation out.

You have true Trump Believers, getting mad at people, who understand the Trickster Trumpster is an saggy assed sold out whore to the Red Shield’s Red Russian Khazarian Mafia, who is a pedopist, big buddies with know pedophiles, who has said he favors stealing their guns even before doing the paperwork to steal them is done, and the “Pro Gun” sheep, who swear they will die defending their guns from gun grabbers like the Trickster Trumpster, vote for him and hate you cause you will not!

All I can figure is the American Head up Assus Sheep like to take it up the ass, while maintaining they are Celestial Virgins, who are horrified by sodomy?

Cognitive Dissonance:
The ability of the American Sheep to take it up the ass repeatably, every minuet, of every hour, of every day, while maintaining their chaste virgin self illusion, all the while loving the jackals raping them up the ass!

The Ole Dog!

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