Child Support Services Asst. Attorney General Sentenced to Prison for Preying On Kids

Walton County, GA — Earlier this month, George Randolph “Randy” Jeffery, 59, of Monroe, was sentenced to federal prison after pleading guilty to a number of disturbing crimes. His position within government gave this child predator a position rife for abuse. Jeffery was sentenced to 15 years in a federal prison followed by 10 years […]

Here a Baby Raper, There a Baby Raper-Everywhere There Are Government Baby Rapers-High-Level Dept. of Education Official Arrested Trying to Have Sex with a Child

Milwaukee, WI — A high-ranking education official in New York’s Department of Education was arrested on Sunday in Milwaukee after he was busted trying to have sex with a child. Deputy Chief of Staff David A. Hay was taken into custody while he was trying to fly out of Milwaukee following an undercover investigation by […]

My Daddy Is Bigger & Badder Than Your Daddy, Or My Big Brother Can Whip Your Big Brother

I am not going to address the world and humanity at large in this piece, just the American Head Up Assus Sheep. Slavery loving goose stepping government idolizing, bleating, pooping, peeing damn sheep! These slow witted herd animals, bleating alternately between fear and fantasy, think a Corporation, a Sub Corporation of the Evil British Empire, […]