If You Find Texican’s Hero’s Memorials Offend You, Why Did Your Illegal Alien yankee, Mexico, Red Russian Ass Come To The Occupied Republic of Texas?

I record several local TV news shows every day. Once I am trough running a hand along the news of the world and the Occupied Republic of Texas chasing around with grandkids, tending to the daily chores, doing some Honey-dos, drag my self to bed, I will fast forward through most of it. Not interested […]

The UN Is a Red Russian, Red Shield Rat Tool of Oppression, Was Conceived By the Evil Ratschilds For That Very Purpose

UN is a Rat Khazarian Mafia construct. As such, it can not be “fixed”. If the foundation is sound, one can build on it, several stories if desired, and if the foundation be on solid rock, barring earthquakes and such, will stand indefinitely. But if the foundation is flawed from conception, best thing to do […]

The Khazarian Pedoist “Banker”

The Khazarian Pedoist “Banker”- Is a Usury Thief child raping whanker- The Red Russian Khazarian treasures gold- He frequents places where children are bought and sold- Mother Nature says they are an aberration- Gang raping & sacrificing little host countries children a tradition- Printing fake money is their game- A Red Russian Khazarian is an […]