Time To Put Pedophiles Down!

But before they hang, their offending family jewels to be removed, chop their tree down, insert it up their rear tail pipe, sew it shut. If they want a last meal, there are Mountain oysters on the menu! Damed evil sons of bitches! Anyone who tries to excuse or defend a baby rapers behavior, is […]

The Cowardly Bitches of The Red Shield RothsRats, Fake “News” Sites, Disqus Channels, “Conservative Speaking”, NEWS, President Trump Channel, News For Everyone, Jesus The Vampire’s Channel, Photosynthesis, Political Islam, Banned Lewie Paine For Telling The Plain Truth!

Now I know Lewie. Have read his articles, his post on Disqus for years. Lewie is a very intelligent, very well educated in law, history, government, economics. He don’t need to lie to make his points, cause he is a Truth Teller, who knows what he is talking about. Not saying he has never lied. […]

George P. Bush, grandson of the Serial Baby Raper Papa CIA BadBush, failed to disclose financial interests in nearly a dozen companies

I GUESS LYING, THIEVING, AND GRABBING HOLD OF THE PUBLIC TEAST JUST RUNS IN THE CHILD RAPING EVIL OF THE yankee CARPETBAGGER FAMILY. This yankee’S crime cabal yankee Carpetbagger grandpa, the late serial baby raper, treasonous to America, Papa CIA BadBush said: “If the American People Knew what we have done, they would chase us […]

Deism In Early Colonial America

In 1755, The Reverend Jonathan Mayhew was the first New England minister explicitly to reject the Trinity as well as to reject Calvinist determinism and pessimism. Mayhew’s rationalist philosophical outlook rested squarely on a belief in natural law and a natural-law morality. “Truth and moral rectitude are things fixed, stable, and uniform, having their foundation […]