Humanity Dares To Believe Themselves Gods

There is a huge expanse way past the little galaxy humanity and this rock is stuck in.

There are many life forms, many worlds, many dimensions, many species.

Any half way intelligent being who digs a bit outside of the approved “history” of this rock and humanity, damn well knows there have been many two legged life forms before humanity, which are now extinct, at least on this world.

Whether they are extinct because a higher lifeforms came along, and they could not adapt, or a war of extermination was waged on them, that is beyond the scope on what I want to say.

Humanity, was formed.
Who, why, where, how, I will leave to the show Ancient Aliens and the shysters in the Hallowed Halls of Higher “Education”.

But humanity, in their ignorance and arrogance, believe they have become “gods”.

Now this “Man Made Global Warming”, which was disproved, has been rebranded “Man Made Climate Change”.

Charlatans are shearing the sheep, like Snake Oil Sales “man”, Al (Send me your money) Gore.

But the sad thing is, most, or act least a huge slice of humanity actually think their little insignificant asses collectively, can actual control the climate or destroy this rock!

They imagine themselves gods, so as a result, they do not look inward, at the sorry state of their personal lives, and help humanity to stave off the looming extinction.

Because there ARE Higher Powers, just call it Mother Nature, who caused the extinction of the two legged species before the current two legged species, and if the trip wire of, “I don’t think they are going to make it as a higher species”, is triggered, the Power responsible for making way for humanity, will make way for the new and improved model, which might actually have a snow ball’s chance in hell of pulling their heads out of their ignorant asses, and grow!

Unlike the failed human species.

There is not a hell of a lot of time.

Choose wisely!

The Ole Dog!

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