Abraham Admits To God He Could Not Find One Just Man In Sodom And Gomorrah On The Potomac

One day while God and Abraham were having a few horns of mead, God mentioned he was planning of destroying Sodom and Gomorrah on The Potomac for their evil.

Abraham had a soft spot for the evil city, so he asked God if he could find a thousand just humans in the den of iniquity on the Potomac, if God would spare the hell hole for children?

You won’t find a thousand Human Beings there.
Maybe a thousand two legged aninmals walking around, taking bribes, raping children, starting unjust wars of evil and aggression, but you won’t find a thousand just Humans.

Well, how about if i find 537 just Humans in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, That’s the president, Vice President, all of congress, both houses?

How much of that Mead have you knocked back?
Them baby rapers are the most evil, worst sons of bitches in that shit hole?

What if I find ONE JUST man in the shit hole?

Ok, have at it!

Six Months Later.

God and Abraham met to knock back a few horns of mead.

Find one just man in DC?

Nuke it!

Now, lets talk about America!

The Ole Dog!

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