At The Time Of The Gathering Of the Souls

‘At The Time Of The Gathering Of the Souls’

At the time of the gathering of the souls-
To each there will be a reassessment of their roles-

A few Graduation certificates will be issued to the few faithful-
Who continued the journey to Enlightenment through countless lives thankful-

Of the opportunity to grow as a spiritual being on a journey so long-
Many who started with them fell by the wayside, selling their soul for a brief song-

But as for the rest who have pissed in the faces of the gods so very gleefully-
They will have new soul assignments, crawling on their bellies, digging for rodents in the ground hungrily-

Their chance to walk on two legs and grow their soul as a spiritual being-
Taken away again for the lack of their seeing-

How very lucky they were to have the opportunity to spiritually advance-
More concerned with the exaltation and gratification of what they had in their pants-

The Earth must have skunks, rodents, jackals and laughing bare assed hyenas too-
So very sad most Humanity Candidates have failed the test and are through-

Kicked back they will be to the primeval slime from which they came-
All their beseechings and excuses will come up lame-

Vulgar self serving animals they want to act like, then low forms of animals they will be-
The gods will gather them together, form a circle and take a big ole godly pee-

Watering them to grow as the scum sucking low life they want to spend eternity as-
The gods agree, a failed species, let em go to primeval hell and all that jazz!

The Ole Dog!

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